Always carry good luck with you, even when you’re on the road.

The amulets are objects loaded with Energy that serve different approaches and situations, however, all focus on a common goal: fill ourselves with good luck and protection. You can place them anywhere you frequent to maintain a balanced flow of energy and attract good luck, so if you are someone who spends a lot of time in the cartake a look at these hanging amulets Perfect to place them in the rear-view mirror and always be protected.

1. Handmade pendant with chakras stones

This pendant amulet features seven stones representing the 7 chakras. It is ideal for maintaining the balance of the energies of your body and your environment.

It is made with amethyst, clear glass, sodalite, green aventurine, tiger’s eye, red aventurine and red jasper. Ideal for those who prefer natural amulets.

2. Protection pendant with Turkish Eye

This lucky pendant with Turkish eyes and an elephant It is made with resistant materials that allow you to place it in your car safely to be protected.

Made of alloy metal, glass and diamonds, this amulet attracts luck, prosperity, wisdom and protection.

3. Pendant amulet with chinese mantra

This pendant has been designed with a good luck symbol of Feng Shui, which keeps away the bad omens that surround people.

It improves harmony, peace, energy, happiness and prosperity. It acts as a magnet for wealth and strengthens our core and inner strength.

4. Lucky Pendant with Ohm symbol

This beautiful amulet has been designed with a Turkish Eye and an Ohm symbol, which will help you maintain your energy balance and mind-body connection.

If you hang it in your car, you can feel protected and relaxed just by looking at it. You can also try to pronounce the ohm mantra to feel calm and in connection with your interior.

5. Ceramic pendant with Lucky Cats

This lucky cat pendant he is from japan and is considered as the mascot of wealth and fortune.

Its raised left leg brings good fortune, so having it in your car will not only protect you from bad energies, you will also attract wealth and good luck.