A beautiful decorative touch that will not take away space or money.

One of the healthiest, most natural and most beautiful ways to decorate your home, is locating different pots with real plants throughout your spaces. The nature it is an element that will always offer benefits to our day to day; And if you don’t have a lot of space for them, a good alternative is to hang them. That is why this time we show you the best options for hanging flower pots so that your plants look as striking as ever, and decorate your home with a natural touch.

1. Hanging flower pots ceramic

Planter or hanging pot made of ceramics high quality. Its dimensions are 6.75 ″ in diameter by 6.5 ″ high. It has a 32 ″ long cotton rope.

In turn, these hanging pots come with a water hole and a stopper. plastic. Ideal to decorate any space in your home.

2. Hanging flower pot heavy duty basket

Hanging flower pot basket 10 inch round. It has a 17.7 ″ chain with a hook at the end to hang it more comfortably.

The inner pot with drainer mesh allows excess water to pass through without difficulty. On the other hand, the external basket with a drain plug allows water storage and prevents your plant from drying out.

3. Hanging flower pots metal and coconut

Pack of 4 hanging flower pots metal 14 ″ diameter x 7-inch deep coconut liner. Each planter consists of a basket hanging from a wall by a sturdy steel rod mechanism with a black vinyl coating.

What stands out most about each pot is that they have a coconut lining, iron and large storage capacity. You will be able to distribute your plants with comfort.

4. Hanging flower pot with macrame rope

Flower pot made with ceramics and high quality and resistant macrame rope. It is suitable for all types of small plants.

It should be noted that the exterior of the pot is left unglazed with textures of wood plywood, while the interior is bare clay, creating an interesting visual contrast.

5. Plastic flower pots with sturdy chain

Lightweight, vibrant and colorful self-watering plastic hanging pot (available in blue, yellow and white). In turn, it has some chains resistant that allows it to remain hung.

Have a drain plug in the lower part that allows excess water to drain after heavy rains.