A fundamental piece to keep everything organized inside your home.

An important element to do laundry tasks more efficiently are the baskets To put dirty clothes, these containers are a great help to keep our spaces organized. They also give the possibility to classify, order and transport it to the laundry room. They can be found in different types, but this time we show you some of the most popular.

1. Storage basket folding


It has a design with two handles that allows it to be transported more easily. The interior of this basket has a PE coating to proof and make it much more resistant.

Includes a cotton closure which protects garments dress that has deposited inside. Its compact size allows you to place it in any room.

2. Folding bag for clothing


It is a simple and efficient solution that can cover all the needs of storage and transport of loads of Dirty clothes. The folding laundry basket is designed to perfectly fit any space and decor.

Its compact size allows you to place them in bedrooms, bathrooms or any room where dirty clothes can generate disorder. Its comfortable handles allow you to carry it easily so that washing is not a difficult task.

3. Piece with design of mesh


A patented design ideal for supporting more weight, all thanks to its strong and durable materials. It is equipped with a polyester mesh, a steel frame and two double-stitched handles.

Its interior is enough large as to contain dirty clothes for a whole week, however it can be adapted to any space since this organizer has a compact design.

4. Cabinet for clothes with top


The lid is designed to reduce the bad smell produced by the Dirty clothes, and is also responsible for keeping it out of sight to maintain order within the room. It has been made with durable and lightweight materials.

Fits most cabinets or bathrooms and its shape allows it fold to make storage and transportation easier. Finally, its design of side handles allows you to move it to any room where you need it.

5. Laundry basket with wheels


Designed to house a large quantity of clothesThis makes it ideal for large families. The wheels of this basket make it easy to move in any room in your home.

Plastic windows allow visualize the content of its interior, while its style allows it to be incorporated into the decoration of any of your rooms.