Stylish accessories at prices that fit any budget.

The watch is one of the most used accessories by women because it is a piece that helps measure time and also offers a lot style and elegance. They are created in endless designs that cover different levels of quality, style and price. But if you want to have a collection that fits every occasion, below you will find five clocks for less than $ 50 dollars.

1. Leather strap aged

It is a watch with a three-hand analogue function that has night light on a white background. Its design combines a stainless steel case with an aged leather strap.

It is a design with a strong and durable finish that allows you to wear it safely with any outfit. It is waterproof so you can also use it on the beach or pool.

2. Watch with box stainless steel

It is a watch designed on a brown strap with pale pink accents to match its stainless steel case. It has an analog function with golden needles on a white background.

This watch has a comfortable size that will make you feel very safe when wearing it with any style and at any time of the day. In addition, it is a waterproof and scratch resistant piece.

3. Design with plated box gold

It is an attractive watch made with a round gold plated case and a leather strap with adjustable buckle. It has an analog design that is framed in Roman numerals with golden hands on a white dial.

This classic design has the essential characteristics of comfort, water resistance and is easy to combine. Best of all, its price makes it perfect to give as present to a loved

4. Accessory made with mineral crystal

It is a watch with a golden dial covered with a mineral glass where its analog movement. It also has a tan leather strap for a firm and comfortable fit.

This modern accessory was designed to complement any outfit, so you can always take it with you wherever it is. In addition to having style and class, the watch is highly durable and can serve you for a lifetime.

5. Bracelet type with square box of steel

It is an elegant style watch made with a square stainless steel case and a wide leather strap with buckle closure. Its small design that shows you the analog time through a luminous circle with golden hands.

It is a beautiful complementary accessory made to accentuate any outfit you wear. Its quality materials make it a very comfortable, durable and waterproof.