When the winter and temperatures drop, it is essential to have the tools and clothing necessary to protect ourselves from Extreme weather. It is at these times when it is essential to protect our face, dark circles and neck from the cold, since they are one of the most vulnerable areas to changes in temperature. Thinking about this, here we show you some options face masks high protection that help you keep you always warm and prepared for the most difficult conditions.

1. Balaclava multipurpose

Made in black and wind resistant, it is made with stretch fabric and it covers the nose and neck. It has flat seams for comfort and versatility.

It is ideal for winter and for outdoor activities. Provides protection and comfort and wrap your whole head at once.

Balaclava for ski fleece

With a fleece lining high quality, This mask is not irritating, it has breathable areas and it has an elastic mesh to better adapt to your face.

Perfect for various temperatures winter, wind, snow, rain and dust. Due to its versatile design you can use it in different ways, depending on the moment and the situation.

3. Black mask of thermal retention

Black fleece mask, from flat seams and four-way stretching. It is resistant to wind, cold climates and thermal retention, as well as UV rays from the sun. Made of hypoallergenic and non-irritable fabric.

This style of mask helps you stay warm and comfortable. It also allows moisture absorption. You can use it for skiing, motorcycling, racing, cycling, hunting, tactical training, among other sports and activities.

4. Mask with logos reflective

It has reflective logos on the front, back and sides. The fabric is breathable and made of stretch fabric. Absorbs and removes moisture, and has mesh panels for breathing and air flow.

It can protect you from cold, wind, dust and UV rays. Retains heat and it is very versatile. You can do any activity or extreme sports, during the day or night, and you will feel very comfortable.

5. Polyester hat russian style

It’s a hat unisex winter, with removable face mask; wind resistant and black in color. Stylishly troop or Russian hat, it has a chin flap with straps as well as buttons on the side area of ​​the ears.

Provides warmth and comfort while you practice sports like skiing and snowboarding, also for winter in cities or hunting. It protects you from the winds, it is very versatile and flexible.