The military watches They are characterized by the resistance of their materials and also because they can withstand different degrees of temperature, humidity and are waterproof. Depending on your style and needs, here we show you 5 different military watches from high quality and at a low price so you can better manage your time.

1. Sport watch G-shock

Casio has always been characterized by creating high quality watches. This is a digital watch that has basic functions and is characterized by resist impacts and can operate at a depth of up to 660 feet.

Classic and sturdy, you can take it to Where you want without worrying about getting wet or scratched, as its super strong design will always work.

2. KXAITO Multifunctional SMAEL-01

The sports watch brand KXAITTO presents a magnificent analog and digital watch available in 20 different colors. It has a reinforced resin band and a stainless steel buckle, it also has a casing that makes it resistant to water and shocks.

It has a big screen to better detail the time and with basic functions such as alarm, LED light, stopwatch, calendar and time format settings.

3. Digital watch CakCity WR 50M

Designed with a large screen LED display and a casing that is made of a durable material that is resistant to shock and extreme temperatures of cold or heat. It has basic alarm, calendar and stopwatch functions.

It is a modern watch perfect for activities related to extreme sports, mountaineering or diving. An accessory that will help you better program your time no matter where you are.

4. Wishfan dual screen

It is an accessory that adapts to you and your needs. It has a soft rubber strap that attaches to your doll for sure, a plastic case, a sturdy mirror and a cover with stainless steel.

Allows you to program up to 2 zones different times and each screen lights up so you can easily view the time at night.

5. Design sports from Skmei

It is a watch that provides you with digital and analog time at the same time. It is shock resistant and features a rubber strap and steel buckle for a secure fit.

With a casual but modern style, they make this accessory a very practical watch to wear day or night, because it has an LED screen that allows you to clearly visualize the time, even in total. darkness.