The rings They are a nice accessory to show off in your hands every day, whether you use them for fashion or to complement the final details of that sophisticated look you want to wear. Those of designs minimalist are the ones that are setting trends today, and that is why here we show you some options of them that you can carry both separately and together.

1. Ring set plated in gold

Ring set that comes with eight pieces created in high quality copper and plated with ecological gold. These rings have a particularity and that is that vary in size.

If you are looking to give a nice detail in jewelry for that especial woman, or for yourself, this set is appropriate because it adapts to all kinds of outfits, so they can be used for casual or formal meetings.

2. Ring with crystals of Swarovski

A beautiful piece of jewelry represented in this special ring for any woman who wears it due to its delicate and cute design. Its shape includes a bow in the center and is decorated around it with crystals of Swarovski 10k.

Gold plated, this ring could be the indicated to ask your partner for marriage or as an anniversary gift. It is a beautiful piece of jewelry that you can wear daily.

3. Silver ring with circle

This jewel has been designed to represent karma and its design includes a silver band with a hole in the center. The geometry of this ring is marked reliefs for those people with unique tastes.

It is ideal as a garment that guarantees good vibes. Also if you like silver pieces to show them off and complement your outfits, then this ring will go very well with your tastes.

4. Double ring 14k

Conceived with a cute crossover design, this is a ring for that woman who loves delicate and unique details. Includes cubic zirconia high quality and nickel free 14k gold plated.

This ring can be given as a gift on any special occasion or worn by yourself in your daily life. In any case it will always be a spectacular detail.

5. Ring gold plated 18k

This ring has been created with a particular design that makes it simple and elegant at the same time. It is a jewel thin as a single line and it has the shape of a drop with a pointed detail.

If you are looking for an accessory that you can use every day without feeling overloaded or uncomfortable, this ring is perfect for it. Gives you a elegant and sober touch that will set trends.