An accessory that always looks good with your outfit and style.

The sunglasses They are recommended by both specialists and stylists, since in addition to protecting your eyes from the negative effects of ultraviolet rays, they are also accessories that match almost any look, outfit and style; so they are a complement that you should never miss. Take a look at the options that we recommend below and choose your favorite:

1. Shaped lenses Diamond

These lenses show sophistication and elegance for its borderless diamond cut and simple metal frame. Its design allows them to be used by men or women regardless of the occasion.

Are not polarized, so they are ideal for a photo shoot where your gaze can continue to play a leading role. They can also be used for shopping and complement any garment in your wardrobe.

2. Design of Cat Eye for modern women

This product is designed with non-polarized mirror lens and eye catching cat eye style. Your framework black acetate It makes them light when using them. They are available with different colored crystals.

The unusual frame design of these lenses will cause them to flip see you in every place. They can be used to accompany a formal style, to go to work or a more casual appearance to go out with friends.

3. Framework Animal Print with soft pads

They are large glasses with a thick plastic frame that provides a greater resistance and soft silicone ear cushions for extra comfort. They are available in different colors to adapt to any situation.

Without a doubt, the size of these lenses prevents them from going unnoticed easily. The thickness of the hexagonal shaped frame makes its design causal and perfect for use in any time of day.

4. Retro style with thick pasta frame

These oversized and thick square lenses were designed to be lightweight with their plastic frame and reflective flat lenses that give it a simple touch that Make a Difference.

Any season is good to wear this type of glasses. Its thick frame combines with outfits Strong looking, with leather, dark jeans or even a formal suit.

5. Crystals polarized aviator type

We must not leave aside this classic and resistant design of lenses made with arms metal singles. Its crystals are polarized and show a classic circular design.

They easily adapt to any style you want to wear. If you want to look sophisticated or casualIn both cases, these lenses are an ideal accessory to complement your outfit.