The season of Autumn It is a time when temperatures begin to drop and that is why we must always be protected and sheltered, but without losing our style. The cardigans They are an excellent option to bundle up and give a different touch to your outfit. So if you want to feel comfortable and stylish, here we will show you some options of cardigans plus size to wear this season.

1. Basic design with long sleeves

This is a cardigan design that features 2 side pockets to store essential things and always have them at hand. It is made with an elastic and soft fabric that will make you feel more comfortable.

It will perfectly cover your Body even your hips and also its fabric is breathable so you can wear it at any time of the year and shelter from the cold. Available in different colors and patterns.

2. Stylish fall garment boho chic

It will give a more feminine and colorful touch to your outfit. It is made of a polyester fabric and has different designs of Floral prints.

It is light, comfortable to use and has long sleeves that are perfect to cover you from the cold. The garment is easily adapts to the measurements of your body making you look more stylized.

3. Knitted cardigan to keep you warm

Its woven design will provide heat in the cold days. It is made of soft synthetic material and it is not heavy, so you can take it everywhere.

Perfectly fits your body and your premium fabric it doesn’t irritate your skin. You can use it for different occasions and combine it with different accessories.

4. Asymmetric style with long sleeves

Made with rayon and elastane, 2 materials that are soft and light. It has long sleeves to keep you warm and look fashionable.

You can combine it with different garments and its asymmetrical design It will make you look taller, more stylized and will highlight your figure this season.

5. Classic format with buttons

This is a long-sleeved cardigan and metal buttons. It is made with a soft and comfortable fabric, ideal for use in autumn or spring.

Its fabric is elastic, this makes it adapt to your figure and its metal buttons give a more elegant touch that you can use with different garments while you shelter from the cold.