Look amazing looking as you recover from your surgery

Many surgical interventions In the abdomen they tend to cause the skin tissues to become inflamed, which is why doctors recommend the use of girdles post operative, Since this type of garment applies constant pressure to the skin to keep it firm and reduce sagging. And as we must always follow the recommendations of the professionals, here we show you 5 styles of girdles post operative so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

1. Girdle with effect push up


This girdle has a design that allows you compress and mold whole body. It has been made with materials such as spandex that comfortably adapts to your figure. Its push up effect helps lift your buttocks.

Its creators paid attention to the smallest detail, this influences its flat tissue structure that prevents it from being visible under your clothes. It is very comfortable and also has a free neckline so you can also wear your bra.

2. Piece for recovery post partum

This postpartum girdle is one of the best-selling garments in Amazon. It has elastic bands that compress the abdomen, waist and pelvis, and it is also available in colors such as black, beige and white.

This is a girdle designed to support the recovery of the mother after giving birth. Facilitates the transition of the uterus to return the natural form of the abdomen. Also its design helps correct your posture to prevent back pain.

3. Design for reduce swelling

It is a complete girdle that has been made with the latest in compression technology. It is made with fabrics that mix botanicals and natural fibers that protect the skin and hydrate it to help deflate the surgery area.

It will give you a immediate relief and you will avoid the accumulation of liquids so that you recover your figure in a short time. It adapts comfortably to your body and its design helps to further define your attributes.

4. Pressure table with flexible materials

It is a round table that completely covers the abdomen, this makes it ideal to use after abdominal surgery. It has been made with strong and flexible materials that exert the necessary pressure to help you with your recovery.

With this table you can avoid any type of malformation like bruising in the abdominal area. You can also use it daily since its design does not limit your mobility.

5. Seam girdle invisible

It is a super soft and comfortable girdle with a design that stylizes the figure. It has been made with an inner lining that allows the air flow and it is pleasant to the touch. It is of small seams so it will not be noticed under the clothes.

The main job of this garment is put everything in its place. Its materials provide adequate pressure throughout the body, and it also has an opening between the legs that makes it easier to go to the bathroom.