A device that you should always carry with you during your travels.

It is normal that in international travel you want to take all your portable devices with you to keep in touch and keep memories of the whole experience; however, plugs are not the same worldwide. So there are electricity adapters They have designs that fit any outlet, and here are some of the best options for you:

1. Adapter with double port USB

It is a universal adapter with a power of 100-240VAC that fits outlets in 150 countries. Its design includes a rifle protector to guarantee the security of your devices when power cuts or overheats occur.

This portable design features two USB ports that work to charge smartphones, tablets, speakers, and small appliances. It is recommended to avoid using it with high power devices such as hair dryers or coffee machines.

2. Design resistant to high temperatures

This international 220V adapter is designed with PC material resistant to high temperaturesIt is also equipped with four USB ports and an LED indicator. It also has an eight-pin locking mechanism that makes it much more secure.

With this piece you can load multiple devices at the same time without running the risk of overloading, since it has a voltage regulator and a system with automatic shutdown.

3. Electric plug with multiple voltage

It is a universal adapter that works with 100 and 240V electrical connections, which guarantees a total charge on electrical devices with a reception output between 6A to 125V. In addition, it has eight slots that are compatible with outlets of more than 150 countries.

A practical cube-shaped design device made with advanced technology that allows you to charge simultaneous phones, tablets, MP3 players and even digital cameras.

4. Device with triple USB port

It is a travel adapter that has a protector overvoltage that keeps your devices protected from short circuits and overheating. It has a smart chip that allows recognition of smart devices.

The adapter has three USB ports and a Type-C port that facilitates shared charging and makes your portable electronic devices get 100% of their charge in no time.

5. Adapter with stabilizer load

It is an adapter made with integrated rifles that protect electronic devices by automatically turning off when they are at 100% of their charge. It is covered with fire retardant material that resists high temperatures.

Its design has four USB ports that stabilize and allow the simultaneous charging of multiple mobile devices. Its design allows it to adapt to electrical outlets 150 countries.