The garment you need to show off an incredible figure.

Caring for and maintaining our style and figure when we wear an outfit as revealing as a short dress is essential to preserve our image and above all make the best impression. For this it is vital to have on hand any type of garment that allows us to further define our silhouette. The girdles Shapers are ideal for this purpose since they have been designed to help you define your figure. For this reason we choose five styles of girdles molding machines perfect to use with your sexiest dresses.

1. Girdle tuner hips


Made with nylon, elastane and cotton fabric to make it soft to the skin. Includes a inner lining which helps keep everything firm and a tummy control system that defines your waist and compresses your belly.

It comes in colors such as black, beige, white and gray so you have all the options at hand and can match your best outfits so you can show off an elegant and sophisticated silhouette.

2. Compressor garment high cut

Designed with nylon and elastane fabric, it is a sash is high cut covering from the belly to the belly. It is soft in texture so that you feel super comfortable to wear it with you and its upper part is made of elastic and silicone to guarantee a better fit.

It is available in colors black and beige that allows them to be practically undetectable under your clothes. It is an ultra slim garment that gives you the compression necessary and necessary to show off an incredible figure.

3. Compressor panty to define the silhouette

This sash is a high cut garment that has a design that flattens tummy and belly so you can have the most defined silhouette in just seconds. It is available in colors such as black and beige.

Its elastic design allows you to shape your figure and allows you to wear it under any type of clothing without fear. It is a unique piece that allows you to show off a figure beautiful.

4. Waist shaper with tummy control

It has been made with a silky fiber fabric so that when placed it feels very soft on contact with the skin. It comes in different sizes so it can adjust to your body shape and is completely breathable.

This girdle is ideal to use when you are following a strong exercise routine and you need to keep everything in place, it is also useful to help you with the recovery process after a surgery.

5. Control design medium high

Designed with spandex fabric, a fabric that gives it a lot of elasticity and allows it to fit all body types. It has a lightweight design and Withouth stitches so it doesn’t show under your everyday clothes.

Shape your silhouette and keep one beautiful figure, no matter what type of outfit you want to wear. This support and high cut girdle covers the lower part of the bust and is perfect to further define the natural curves of your body.