The most comfortable option for those who suffer from diabetes.

The diabetes and foot swelling are health problems that plague hundreds of thousands of people around the world. Needless to say, these types of conditions require making certain adjustments to lifestyle, habits and even accessories that are used every day. Thinking about this, this time we present you some options of shoes with special designs for people with diabetes or swelling in the feet.

1. Patented design for relieve pain


They’re a pair of wear-proof sports-style orthopedic shoes with an ergonomic sole and sturdy support. Its lightweight design has air cushioning and insoles. high quality.

The multiple pads They have enough comfort and relief from pain such as arthritis, diabetes and swelling in the feet.

2. Design with extra cushioning for men

They are a pair of men’s orthopedic shoes black color and made with a high resistance fabric. They are equipped with a strong and synthetic sole and a high-quality cushioning midsole.

These shoes are very comfortable and ideal to use during casual outings. Its shape allows you to keep your feet in the most suitable conditions to be able to use them throughout the day.

3. Slippers orthopedic with double adjustment

They are a pair of shoes with adjustable straps They have an orthopedic design to treat health problems such as swelling and arthritis. They also have a non-slip sole made entirely of resistant rubber.

These slippers are easy to put on and adjust, they also have a design that makes them very comfortable to wear both in spaces internal as external. They are made of high quality materials.

4. Hiking shoes

They are burgundy colored hiking shoes made from 100% high quality fabrics and durable rubber soles. They are equipped with an inner mesh breathable allowing better air flow.

This pair of shoe will help you deal with your problems with swelling, sore feet, and heel discomfort. The material of high quality in which it is made allows to avoid itching and bad odor.

5. Footwear orthopedic for men

They are black orthopedic shoes for men equipped with a damping system It is a combination of foam and breathable mesh that prevent the concentration of bad odors. The sole is strong and durable.

The cushioning system of these orthopedic shoes will provide maximum comfort and protection against bad smells. You will also have the security and firmness of a quality and safe product, which adapt well to any type of surface.