An important accessory for the daily life of modern women.

A wallet It is an accessory that should not be missing in the closet of every woman. There are different models and sizes that we can use depending on the occasion in which we find ourselves. The classic double handle designs are the most used because they are very practical and allow them to be used in different ways. If you are a woman who likes to use practical and versatile accessories, then we will show you 5 styles of wallets with double handle for you to choose the one that suits your style

1. Portfolio of leather with spacious interior

It is a wallet made of leather high quality It has a spacious interior so you can store all your belongings. It is equipped with a zipper closure for added security and two multifunctional handles.

Its design is very basic, so it has the ability to get you out of any rush so you can look amazing and very glamorous with any outfit.

2. Women’s bag with adjustable straps

This elegant and sophisticated wallet is made with high quality and super resistant leather. It is available in a large variety of colors so you can choose the one that best suits you.

It will protect your personal items to make you feel more secure. Its adjustable straps allow you to carry it as a shoulder bag or handbag.

3. Compact wallet for take it wherever you want

A wallet made by the Realer brand made with synthetic leather. Its interior is spacious so you can comfortably carry items such as your laptop, water bottle, umbrella, notebooks and essential items.

An accessory that you can use in Different occasions like going to work or studying. It is a perfect complement to your outfits that is also a great gift for your mom, sister or friend.

4. Casual accessory with a modern design

It is a portfolio available in eight different sizes. It has two adjustable straps, three pockets distributed inside and outside, as well as a magnetic closure that protects your interior from the sight of onlookers. The bag includes a small purse.

Its size is compact, which makes it perfect to store everything you want and always have it on hand. It also has a design ostrich fur very striking that will help your outfits stand out much more.

5. Super resistant piece handmade

This is a portfolio handmade with a high quality, durable and resistant oiled leather. It has an anti-theft design to give you more peace of mind and allow your content to be protected from bumps and theft.

Inside it has different pockets that allow you to classify your personal items and achieve a better organization. It is perfect to use as hand luggage during a trip.