Protect your feet from the rain!

Do you want boots that combine style, functionality and a good price? In Amazon You can find men’s rain boots that have these characteristics, for less than $ 60. Below we show you the best 5 models for you to debut this rainy season.

1. Totes

The Totes boots have a low designCompletely made of rubber with two elastics on the sides to make them easier to put on. Due to their material, they are very light boots, but they protect you from the rain and provide a non-slip sole. On the back of the boots, they have a fabric handle so they are easy to put on.

With a 19% discount, These Totes boots are priced under $ 50 and they are available in black or dark green, as in the photo. If you wear a medium size or have a wide foot, the brand recommends ordering one more size. In Amazon, customers confirm that they are very good rain boots, that keep your feet dry and are very light, ideal to wear every day. They also highlight its classic and modern style, which is very good to wear during the day and to go to work.

2. Unicare

With a more modern and elegant styleThese Unicare boots are available in black and made of natural rubber. On its sides, it has two elastics and on the back, a fabric handle so that they are easy to put on. Inside, they have a soft insole that guarantees comfort and they also have a polyester fabric lining that ensures that your foot breathes. They are very light boots, made of durable material and with a very versatile style.

The Unicare boots start at a price of $ 45 and they are available in some medium sizes. Customers in Amazon They value these boots positively, mentioning that they are boots with a great style, very comfortable and with a very good non-slip sole. They warn that they have a small fit, so they recommend asking for one more medium size.

3. Kamik

The Kamik boots have a high design Made of rubber, which at the top has a fabric part that easily adjusts to your leg. It features a 1.25 “high heel, and the boots are approximately 13” high. Inside, a removable inner lining keeps your feet warm and the upper is ideal for snowy places.

With more than 1,300 reviews in Amazon, these are the best selling boots in the guide with a price starting at $ 45 and they are also the best valued, with 4.4 stars. Customers mention that they are ideal boots for large amounts of water and also for snow, but that if you are going to use them with thick socks, it is better to ask for one more size.

4. Dream Pairs

With a design that combines different fabrics and rubber, these Dream Pairs boots They have a 1 ”high heel and a front closure to make them very comfortable to put on. Due to their non-slip rubber base, they are ideal boots for rain and also for snow. Weighing only 200 grams, these boots withstand very cold climates and have a cushioned insole that guarantees comfort during the day.

These Dream Pairs boots are available in 5 different models, and are priced under $ 50. In Amazon, customers positively value this model, mentioning that they are boots with a good price-quality ratio, with good traction at their base and high resistance to water.

5. Crocs

Made entirely of rubber, these Crocs boots have a seamless construction, which guarantee a very high resistance to water. It has the classic Crocs base, which guarantees comfort during the day. They are available in 3 color options and are ideal for working or wearing during the day in the city.

For your current discount, you are Crocs boots are the cheapest in the guide, with a price that does not exceed $ 40. In Amazon, the clients affirm that they are very comfortable, although they are small and a little difficult to put on, so they recommend asking for one more size. They mention that they are waterproof for a long time, ideal for working outdoors for example.