At home it is important to provide a pleasant environment in which you can feel happy and calm, so the good energies they must reign in the spaces so that there is full harmony. To promote this, it is necessary to be willing to have a good vibe and the right elements to generate these positive changes. That is why here we share 5 styles of wind chimes that will help the flow of good energy in your home and in all your spaces.

1. Golden bells for the garden

Golden wind chimes are a great option to create a space with good energy. These are made of a strong metal and resistant to wind and water. They are five tubes tuned to produce a pleasant sound and all hang from a strong nylon cord.

Enjoy some musical notes that can even eliminate the stress of the hard day with these bells that you can place anywhere in your home and use them to promote a calmer environment.

2. Wooden house of bamboo

A nice idea to receive nature at home and also enjoy the Wind sound transformed into cute tunes with this birdhouse with bells. Made of bamboo material, it is made up of 6 tubes that form the hanging bell.

You can place it in the garden of the house or on your favorite tree where you spend hours with your loved ones, to enjoy the sounds of nature. It can be a very special gift for that family that wants so much harmony and good vibes.

3. Carillon wind with blue agate

This cute pendant has been made by hand in Brazil with precious stones Volcanic slices that naturally draw impressive patterns. They are joined by a strong cord hanging in the air demonstrating their beautiful designs.

They represent a cute ornament and also produce nice sounds they calm the spirit and immerse you in an auditory oasis that generates peace not only for you but also for everyone at home.

4. Copper bells with calm melodies

Made with 28 copper decoration style metal tubes, this bell has a pattern that goes between the colors gold and black. It is made up of tubes and bells that hang to produce a beautiful harmony together.

If it is to your liking, you can place them in the garden, the balcony of the house or take it to your office and discover the nature sounds that will emit the bell. Remember that if you are looking to give a nice detail to a special person, this could be the right present.

5. Pendant star and bell with hook

This cute pendant has been designed with precious stars that work like a doorbell. The piece is made up of a large metal star, 4 hollow bronze aluminum tubes with 6 bells and 6 small stars.

This is a beautiful pendant that makes cute relaxing sounds and is light to fit anywhere in the house. It may be a great gift for family and friends at special times.