The boots that are setting trends during the winter.

The winter It is a time when it is important to wear the right footwear to keep your feet warm and warm, while helping you keep a style that makes you stand out. For these holidays, a number of trends are available in boots that never go out of style. So you no longer have any excuses, you just need to choose between the designs that are in this list and prepare to wear the latest fashion for this season.

1. Versatile design in synthetic skin

These boots are made with Synthetic materials on the upper part, they also have a rubber sole and a two-inch heel. It has an adjustment above the ankles that adapts by means of a side zipper.

This shoe will give you a very feminine and stylish look during the winter. In addition, they have a versatile design It allows you to easily combine them with jeans or dresses for shopping or to a party.

2. Rubber heel and cross straps

They are boots designed with a rubber heel heel-shaped and synthetic leather on the upper part. They also have crossed straps in the ankle area along with an elastic band that reinforces the closure.

They fit without problem to any of your outfits of winter. You will surely love the idea of ​​combining your favorite clothes with these boots, especially if you think of tight jeans or pants.

3. Boots raincoats for the rain

These boots are designed with the upper made from a combination of rubber and leather that protects you from the elements. They come with a low platform and a stacked heel that matches an elastic panel on the sides.

This classic shoe is undoubtedly an ideal look for winter, as the waterproof upper protects your feet from the rain and the cold. Plus, you can wear them comfortably during the day or night so you always look amazing no matter where you go.

4. Footwear with worn skin

They are boots made with synthetic material on the upper part. They also have a rubber sole and a stacked heel very comfortable.

It is a shoe with an American ankle design and worn color that goes well with tight jeans, shorts or dress. No matter what you’re wearing, these boots offer a youthful air that does not go out of style.

5. Anklets type with rubber sole

These ankle-style boots are designed with a rubber sole and block heel that provides stability on any surface. Its interior is covered by a lining of synthetic material warm and a cushioned insole.

It is an ideal shoe for you to look with clothes casual and elegant, regardless of whether it is a set to go to the office, a dress for a party or tight pants for shopping.