Perfect shoes to wear in winter at a very affordable price.

The winter It is the time of year where we are most frequently exposed to low temperatures and that is why we must be prepared. Having garments that shelter our entire body helps us better endure the extreme conditions that this season brings. The waders They are shoes specially designed for winter, which is why we show you 5 different styles below so you can choose the one that best suits your style.

1. High boots Synthetic leather

They are one of those basic boots that should not be missing in your closet. They have been made entirely from brown synthetic leather, have an anti-slip rubber sole and a padded interior.

They will allow you to walk on any surface without fear of slipping. Provide additional support to the bottom of your feet and heels so you can feel comfortable at every step.

2. High toe boot round

They are classic round toe boots handmade with high quality synthetic leather. On its sides it has a button closure that makes them very easy to put on and take off.

Its exclusive design protects your feet from the cold, ankles and calves. They are boots that you can complement with a plush coat and tight jeans.

3. Footwear with soles anti slip

They have been made with a resistant material of high quality and durable. It has a non-slip rubber sole and a small heel of approximately 1.25 ″.

Its insole supports your feet so you can feel comfortable and safe for the whole day. They are perfect boots to combine with the rest of your winter outfits.

4. Design chic to wear in winter

They are fabulous boots perfect to use on special occasions such as a romantic dinner or Christmas gatherings. They are made of a synthetic leather lining with a soft interior, they also have a thin heel 14 inches tall.

Its black color is easy to to combine and complement with any type of outfits to give them a more elegant touch. It will also help you look taller and more stylized.

5. Women’s boots with properties raincoats

Handmade imported fabric boots with a rubber sole and a collar that adjusts to your calf so you can keep your feet warm from the cold.

It has a very affordable price and you can use it throughout the year, regardless of the weather conditions as its design adapts well to environments cold and warm.