An essential piece for your home at a very affordable price.

When it comes to remodel our spaces always seek to have on hand the best tools, furniture and designs to beautify each place in our house. The kitchen is a special part of the home because we spend a lot of time there with the family, so every new item we put counts. In this article we present five styles of stools made with wood that you can have in your kitchen bar at a really affordable price.

1. Set of stools with solid wood

Completely made of solid wood with a nice light walnut finish. These two stools are ideal for your kitchen as they are size seats extra long with four legs to provide greater security.

As they are made of solid wood, these seats are very comfortable when sitting. Without a doubt they will look very good in your kitchen, they are also very light that you can move from one place to another without difficulty.

2. Design style saddle

A beautiful stool that has a unique saddle-like design on its seat. It is made with beech wood solid and finished in matt black and walnut. It has square legs that are very resistant.

It is an elegant style sitting piece that gives a very chic and avant-garde touch to your kitchen. Its dark brown color can to combine with the rest of your kitchen decoration.

3. Seats bar style with industrial metal body

Designed with wood and metal, this set of stools are round base and have a rustic and modern style with metal legs. industry stylel. They also have adjustable L-shaped foot levelers.

On these stools you can locate all your guests and make them feel very comfortable to talk for hours and have a great time in the kitchen. They are indispensable pieces for home with bar type bar.

4. Kitchen benches with Synthetic leather

A modern and cute set of colored stools dark brown. They are 24 inches tall and equipped with seats made from padded synthetic leather. Its legs are made of solid antique walnut wood and are assembled to provide greater resistance.

These stools are ideal to have in your kitchen since they are very comfortable furniture where you can spend pleasant moments. Its design is cute and also combines with the decor from the rest of the house.

5. Stool oak wood

A beautiful stool made with a strong and safe design that makes it strong and durable. It is made with oak wood and has a finish light brown which closely resembles that of wood in its natural state.

This seat will look great on your kitchen due to its comfortable shape and classic appearance. A piece that allows you to enjoy hours talking with your companions while they spend time in the kitchen or any other room.