So that the symptoms disappear …

Perhaps you already recognize the symptoms. You can predict when one of those headaches is coming that does not allow you to even open your eyes well. Or maybe it comes suddenly, without you expecting it, and it totally catches you off guard, with a sea of ​​work and responsibilities and you, almost unable to think because the truth even hurts to think.

Before looking for solutions that solve for a short time, I faithfully believe in finding the causes. Once you can determine what causes the headache, you can work it so that the symptoms disappear. Headaches have their trick, there are so many possible causes that it can be hard to find the exact reason. For this, it is necessary to wear patience and put on the detective hat and look for what in your routine may be causing the headache.

Among the many causes may be: lack of hydration, disturbances in your sleep patterns, sensitivities to some food, imbalances in blood sugar levels, excess caffeine, a lot of stress, among others.

What do you do if the pain is already there? How do you handle it?

Below, I offer you several alternatives for when you have a headache and need to solve it now.

1. Essential oil of peppermint:

Peppermint is a family of menthol, which is a well-known muscle relaxant that relieves pain. Peppermint can help decrease tension headaches and migraines. Put a little oil on your hundreds, being careful not to get too close to the eyes. Or put a little oil in the palm of your hands, rub them and bring them closer to your face to feel its aroma.

2. Essential oil lavender:

If the pain is caused by stress, surely lavender oil will help.

There are studies of the effectiveness of this oil in managing headaches, with only 15 minutes of inhaling its scent in a diffuser, for example:

3. Give yourself a Foot massage:

In my experience as a massage therapist, I have found that headaches are often relieved when you massage your feet. In Oriental medicine that is based on the Universal laws it is thought that what happens above is related to what is below, it is worth trying. Either that or walk barefoot on earth. Use some lotion or natural oil.

4. If you have the possibility, fill your bathtub with warm water and take a salt bath fig tree:

Fig salt has magnesium, a mineral that is a natural muscle relaxant. Add a little lavender oil and relax.

5. Take a infusion of ginger and / or turmeric:

Both are anti-inflammatory and will help blood flow better in your body, therefore, towards your head as well.

And an additional and super important, eat something nutritious, that does not come in a box or package. A fresh fruit, fresh vegetable, or leafy green vegetable. It helps your digestive system and the headache will probably lessen.