Although many find it embarrassing and do not like to talk about it, suffering from constipation, hemorrhoids and other conditions of the colon is more common than you think. By changing little habits you can see an improvement in it, like using a toilet seat which can help you improve your posture when evacuating. Take a look at these models and start taking care of your health.

1. Support Squatty Potty

Support made of resistant polyurethane White color. It has a standard height of 7 ″, suitable for most people.

Physician recommendedThis support helps align the colon for a healthier and easier evacuation.

2. Support of wood

100% natural support Hand carved in bamboo wood, it adjusts to a height between 7 ″ and 9 ″. It is waterproof and suitable for both adults and children.

This eco-friendly support helps you simulate the stooped position and feel more comfortable when evacuating. His design minimalist and practical Fits any toilet.

3. Support plagable

Folding stand made of resistant plastic. It is available in black, pink, blue and white.

Travel calmly without going to the bathroom being a concern. With this portable stand you can comfortably relieve yourself anytime, anywhere.

4. Support removable

Detachable support made of plastic, it is Easy to assemble and disassemble. Includes gift storage bag.

Sit and position your body correctly with this support, its continuous use helps you to relieve constipation and to reduce the chances of hemorrhoids.

5. Support bamboo

Ergonomic support made of bamboo polished and folded. It is easy to clean and resistant to water and mold.

Practical and lightIts aesthetic design helps children and adults evacuate in the least traumatic way possible and does not interfere with the appearance and decoration of the bathroom.