Various studies have shown that electronics devices can contribute to the healthy development of children. Tablets are tools in which you can find a large amount of content that stimulates the learning process of the smallest of the house. And so you can take advantage of the best prices in the Black Friday, Here we show you some excellent options of tablets for children what can you get in Amazon.

1. Tablet capable of 20 thousand apps

This product includes all the necessary functions to facilitate the learning of your child, since it provides access to more than 20 thousand applications for games, videos, audio and other educational content. Have a eye-catching design and 16 gb of storage.

This product has a warranty 2 years and comes with a built-in stand. Your son or daughter will be able to expand their abilities and knowledge during their development stage with the various game apps, books and audiobooks offered by this device.

2. HD display 8 inch with 32 GB

It is a beautiful HD tablet for children with an 8-inch screen and has a resolution of 1280 x 800 that facilitates the visibility of content. It has a RAM of 1.5GB, a storage capacity of 32 GB expandable up to 400 GB and unlimited cloud storage of Amazon.

With this attractive device You can rest easy as it is loaded with content that facilitates your child’s learning. You can manage applications from your personal library and even set limits on content, applications and online search engines.

3. Tagital T7K Plus with Android 9.0

This is a tablet with access free thousands of applications for the child to have at their fingertips books, videos and other content that stimulates their learning. It has Quad Core Mail 400 GPU, it is equipped with the Google system Android 9.0 OS and a screen with a resolution of 1024 x 600.

This device is a good option to contribute to your child’s intellectual development thanks to its advanced technology. Its operating system gives access to thousands of games and apps just by logging in to Google Play.

Samsung galaxy for children

It has a 1280 x 800 pixel resolution on its 8-inch screen and is equipped with the system Android 9.0, it also has a series of applications and multimedia content that stimulate the concentration and learning of your son. It also allows you to access Wi-Fi networks, has expandable memory up to 512 GB and includes a protective cover.

The capacity of this product gives children a training It continues as they learn as they navigate and make use of the different applications. The device includes a system that allows you access and control over the apps.

5. Vankyo MatrixPad with protective case

This device with pink protector supports 38 languages ​​and has a large storage capacity. The tablet provides unlimited access to content suitable and approved for children 4 years and up. It comes with a specially designed case to protect the device from dust and shock.

In this tool you can store videos, educational games, electronic books and other teaching materials so that your children have fun and learn new things every day. The battery guarantees up to 8 hours continuous use. It also allows you to set limits with advanced parental controls.