Our home is a place that welcomes us after a tiring day, and one of the priorities is to make this a peace and calm. It is important that the decoration transmits serenity, and a good idea to achieve this is the colorful tapestries that also provide a different touch. The design of mandalas They are characterized by stimulating relaxation and calm, for this reason today we present you a list with five designs that you will surely love.

1. Mmandala with design of Peacock

This is a tapestry with a design inspired by the peacock mandala. Has been hand made with high quality and durable fabrics. Its size is 215 x 230 centimeters, this makes it ideal for covering a wall or using it as a sheet.

It will not go unnoticed due to its mix of cold and warm colors that are full of good vibes. It is a great decorative piece if you want to create a bohemian and modern atmosphere.

2. Green mandala of vintage style

A tapestry with a white and pistachio green mandala design embroidered in the center. Its style is very vintage, inspired by oriental culture and is available in 4 different sizes so you can choose the one that best suits your spaces.

You can use it as a tablecloth, sheet or simply hang it on your wall to decorate your home. Its texture is very smooth and you can handwash without fear of fading.

3. Colorful tapestry with design psychedelic

It has been made with polyester fibers, a soft, durable and pleasant to the touch fabric. Its design is of colors inspired by the universe and the engraving style makes it a very realistic and colorful.

It will connect you with the cosmosIt will fill you with good vibes and help you get the peace you need to meditate. It is a unique tapestry that gives you the opportunity to give a more modern touch to your home.

4. Design bohochic made in india

This beautiful tapestry has been created by hand by local artists from India. It is a work of art made up of multiple mandalas with details that are visible to the naked eye. Its size is 84 x 90 inches, the same measurements as a sheet for a single bed.

It is a great tapestry with a very bohemian style. Its pink, white and gold tones make it stand out in any room. It is a high quality handmade piece that also combines perfectly with minimalist decorations.

5. Tapestry with mandala that shines on the darkness

This is a different tapestry that has a super bright and realistic design that is also made of a fabric that makes itself noticed in the dark. It has been made of polyester very soft and durable.

You can use it to decorate your wall or as a sheet for your bed. It will give you a touch different to any space and you will be able to appreciate every detail that shapes it at any time of the day or night.