Hours and hours of fun are guaranteed.

The tents They are one of those great ideas that we appreciate and value when we are adults, because it is the place where children We spent long and pleasant moments with games and lots of fun. Therefore, it will always be nice to have one of them for the children of the house, so that they can let their imagination run wild and spend hours of healthy games at home. That is why here we show you some options of tents that every girl will love to have in her room, and that will bring you the best memories of your childhood.

1. princes’s Castle easy to assemble

This tent is a real dream for the girls of the house. Have a bright mesh drapery design with pink and green colors that create a princess castle experience. It is a structure with good ventilation and also protects them from insects.

The store will be a place where your daughters spend the best hours of fun. It is super flexible and lightweight, and can be easily saved in the closet without taking up much space.

2. Play store with star lights

Made of polyester taffeta material, this tent has been inspired by castles Fairytale with a private space but visible to parents. Pale pink curtains keep away any pests from children who can bring up to three at a time to play and have fun.

This tent you can place in spaces of the house such as the living room or outdoors, making the patio one of the favorite places for your children to spend time recreating and stimulating the imagination.

3. Buildable tent large capacity

Crafted from a soft fabric, this girls tent has a breathable mesh curtain It allows the entry and exit of air easily and is anti-mosquito, so the pest will be out of the reach of children. It is pink with green and resembles a beautiful princess castle.

This tent is portable so you can take it everywhere to entertain children during recreation hours at home or anywhere.

4. Portable tent unicorn

Is shop with unicorn style For boys and girls it comes with a storage bag for easy portability. It has a comfortable ample space for up to three children. Its design with bright colors will make it your children’s new favorite place.

With this store you can see your children fly your imagination and have a great time at home or in a park. It is ideal for recreational hours outside of school and is also easy to store when disassembling.

5. Buildable tent for games with spatial design

This beautiful tent has been made with polyester fabric and with a curtain entrance that allows the entrance and exit of the tent as well as ventilation. It is turquoise blue with purple and has a nice design of planets and all the elements of the universe.

With this store your children will have a great time and they will have guaranteed hours of play. It is very easy to disassemble and assemble, so you can use it both at home and outdoors or take it with you on the road.