Decorate your home and purify the energies with these figures.

We all want to have a home where he reigns peace, stability and luck. Therefore, we constantly seek the best way to illuminate our thoughts and open our minds to a state of peace. The figure of Buddha, which means “the enlightened one”, gives us an environment of relaxation and balance where we can connect with ourselves and thus feel relaxed, calm and full of the best of luck. That is why here we show you some options of figures of Thai Buddha that you can have at home and fill it with peace.

1. Sitting buddha taking a nap

This piece of Buddha sleeping or napping has been created with ivory Thai, cold-cast resin for added durability to the design and measures approximately 8 inches tall by 5 wide.

It is appropriate to take it home or to the office, or to place it where you want to receive the best energy and achieve the peace of your spaces.

2. Buddha Meditating

A beautiful buddha statue meditating that it has been handmade with durable material and has been decorated with a painting that gives it an elegant touch for its golden color that expresses wealth.

Inviting deep meditation, This Buddha represents the love, peace and harmony that you expect at home and at work.

3. Buddha head in white ceramic

Made of white ceramic, this Buddha head expresses the level of concentration that takes you to meditation. It is 4 ″ x 4 ″ in size and made of delicate material.

A great decoration accessory for the spaces in your home or office while you can use it as inspiration for meditation and achieve a state of peace and acquire the best energies.

4. Thai buddha for healing

This Buddha has been created with enlightenment for heal all suffering in the person who takes it with him. It is a statue that has been crafted from cast stone and finished in ivory, stands 11.5 inches tall by 7.5 inches wide and weighs 9 pounds.

This sculpture creates a therapeutic energy in your environments for being a relaxing representation of the Medicine Buddha, so it is recommended for those who want to achieve a state of peace and harmony.

5. Chandelier with Bronze Buddha

An excellent option that gives you a greater connection with your inner being to stabilize emotions. This buddha will bring you light at the same time that you thank the lighting with the candle that you can introduce into the statue.

With a position that invites meditation, this Buddha can bring peace, harmony and light to your spaces at home or anywhere you want to achieve a state of calm and prosperity.