Nothing like a warm thermal blanket for a cold winter night.

The classics blankets They come with attractive designs and very diverse materials such as fleecePerfect for protecting yourself and keeping you warm during the coldest time of the year. They work as thermal insulators that retain body heat, and provide hygroscopic properties that retain moisture from the skin, processes that allow us to have a constant temperature. Take a look at these options and forget about the cold at night.

1. Sound Kate: Silky fleece blanket

Blanket made of silky fleece and hypoallergenic microfiber, ideal for sensitive skin. It has dimensions of 90 by 90 inches and is available in different colors for you to choose the one of your preference.

If you dream of a blanket that makes you feel like you’re hugging a big teddy bear, you found the right This piece offers incomparable softness, is shrink resistant and it is versatile.

2. Richave: Microfiber blanket

This cozy blanket made of microfiber and fleece material provides great insulation against the cold. It is available in three different sizes and eight solid colors.

It is a piece made with breathable and warm material, making it perfect for the fall and winter seasons. It can be machine washed without risk of shrinking or losing its softness.

3. Bare Home: Fleece blanket

Blanket made with a double layer of polyester and fleece. Its 108-by-90-inch dimensions are perfect for King-size beds. And if you are prone to asthma or allergies, this is the ideal choice because it is hypoallergenic.

Keeps you warm even on cold winter nights; although you can use it comfortably throughout the year, since it is light, breathable, shrink and fade resistant.

4. J&M Home: Plush blanket

It is a plush blanket with a brushed finish and fleece. Its dimensions are 90 by 96 inches, measures that comfortably fit a queen size bed.

It is light, durable and wrinkle resistant, which is ideal to complement the decoration of your house or you can take it in the car wherever you go. Plus, it stays soft and comfortable after each wash.

5. Amazon Basics: Reversible blanket

Wool blanket designed with zigzag stitched edges to offer greater resistance. It comes in different sizes that you can choose according to your needs, and in a wide range of relaxing colors. Machine washable.

This reversible model is an advantage, since depending on the colors of your decoration you can use it on one side or the other to create harmony. It also offers you a extra layer of warmth and comfort to protect you from the coldest months of the year.

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