One of the worst sensations that we can experience both men and women is the Muscle painAs it turns out to be so unpleasant that it is capable of interrupting and even preventing our daily activities. Removing it is not an easy task because it requires time, but there are certain tools with which we can create a sense of relief while helping the muscle with the recovery process. The truth is that the cause is largely due to us, because we do not take the necessary care when we exert ourselves physically, and it is something that we must correct.

Muscle pains are common discomforts that we all suffer from at least once in life and the cause is due to different factors that can affect more than one muscle, such as injury or trauma, such as sprains or muscle strain, overload and even excess stress. However, we cannot ignore that infections, some medications, hormonal imbalances and other factors can also be the triggers to create a feeling of extreme muscle tension that eventually generates pain.

Make any kind of exercise It can cause us to hurt one or several muscles if we do not take the necessary measures, such as warming up previously and verifying that the position, movement and routine are the most bearable for our condition. And if we are forced to make a huge physical effort, we must be careful not to exceed our limits and do it in the most appropriate way.

How to prevent them? The first thing to do is stretch Great before and after exercise, this helps warm up the joints before exercise and condition the muscles once the routine is over. Drink plenty of fluids before, during and after exercise, and lastly stretch your ligaments at least every hour, especially when we work in the same position most of the day.

Once a physical injury The pain begins to appear either during or after the activity performed, so it will be easy to identify the cause and perform the corresponding treatment to treat the ailment. Something important is that the pain must be treated immediately to prevent it from getting worse.

If the muscle pain persists for more than three days in an intense and inexplicable way, if a circulation deficient in the area where the muscle aches are, if any signs of infection such as swelling or redness appear around the sensitive muscle, if you have a tick bite, rash or muscle pain has been associated with the beginning or change of dose of a medication… All of these are signs that we need to consult a doctor.

In the case of Muscle pain due to overload or injury, what we can do to alleviate it and speed recovery is to rest the affected part of the body in a comfortable position on a surface that distributes weight well, such as the bed or sofa. Taking over-the-counter medications, gently massaging the affected area, and performing stretching exercises are good ways to prevent pain at the muscle level. Even the exercises of Low impact Like walking, cycling and swimming are good aerobic activities that we can try to keep our joints in shape for any type of physical effort.

One of the fastest ways and effective To relieve pain and have a quick recovery, apply cold and heat to the affected area between 24 and 72 hours after the injury to reduce inflammation and pain, and you can do this with some of the thermal compresses that we show you below:

1. Thermal compress multifunction

The compress made of high quality plastic and leak test, It has a neoprene strap which holds it securely over the painful area, thus preventing slipping. With it we alleviate general muscular pain, arthritis, fibromyalgia, neuralgia, sports sprains, spasms, and others.

It offers you a therapy Long duration that you can wear it on almost all parts of the body like head, shoulder, arm, elbow, wrist, chest, back, waist, hip, thigh, leg, feet, knee, ankle, cuffs, neck and more.

2. Therapeutic pad gel

It is comfortable to wear thanks to its neoperene wrapping that generates a soft fit and the elastic straps that hold the pad in place no matter what part of the body it is placed on. It can be easily adapted for use on the shoulders, back, hips, elbows, knees and various joints to relieve inflammation and pain.

It is designed to maintain temperatures cold and hot for much longer, thanks to the amount of gel it has. You can use it after hip, shoulder and more surgery.

3. Compresses for neck and shoulder with smell and weight

The cozy and soft tissue pad efficiently retains both cold and heat to relieve various discomforts. The heat relieves the pain of the muscles and joints, while cold is used to relieve swelling. It gives off a delicious smell of herbs such as lavender, grass, lemon, chamomile and mint.

Not only does it relieve you of muscle aches through hot or cold therapy, it also allows you to reduce stress, anxiety and tension using the basic principles of aromatherapy to offer maximum comfort after a tiring day.

4. Pad with flexible design and portable

Relieves muscular pain such as sciatica, hip injury, arthritis, among others, thanks to the internal filling made with clay and healing oils totally natural. Includes a soft washable fabric cover to keep skin comfortable and isolated from moisture. In the case of cold therapy, it is recommended to cool it down for at least 4 hours.

Provides you with a temperature Endurable and stable for up to almost 45 minutes, giving you the possibility to relax your body so that the effects of this garment are more effective. You can also use it to prevent injuries.

5. Thermal sleeve for arms and legs

The compress with a sleeve design made of latex, is made with a material that allows it to stay always soft touch. This accessory provides a complete therapeutic session of heat or cold in just 30 minutes.

I dont know freezes or overheats, so it will always be at a pleasant temperature regardless of whether you use it for hot or cold therapy on the affected area. It is designed to withstand microwave and freezer temperatures.