When it comes to sheltering your body in the winter, you cannot forget your face.

During the winter, With the climate that characterizes this season, we must stay warm and protect ourselves from the cold. There are a number of garments specially designed to wear during this time, and when snow storms and arctic cold arrive, we must even take care of our faces. Take a look at the following thermal masks that will keep you 100% warm:

1. Ski Mask Wind resistant


It is light and breathable, it leaves you room to breathe well and also to put your glasses on. Its fabric allows you a comfortable and fine fit, it is extremely strong and durable, wrinkle-free, portable and comfortable.

He offers you maximum protection against the sun, dust, wind and cold. It works and fits perfectly, ideal for motorcycling, cycling, running, hunting, hiking, climbing, and any outdoor activity you want to practice.

2. Self Pro: Mask with heat retention


It is versatile and unisexIt has a perfect fit for women, men and children. Its design has a higher neck to protect you from the cold, its cut is improved and it has different seam angles.

It can be worn alone or under any type of helmet. The fabric is hypoallergenic and not irritating to the skin. The mask stretches in four directions, you can use it for any outdoor activity.

3. Ergodyne: Full thermal mask


This winter balaclava is made with a thermal lining High quality that protects the head, face, nose and neck from the cold. 4-way stretch polyester and long length allow it to fit any head type.

It is perfect for cold days winter when your dog needs to be walked or when you carry out snow removal tasks. Its versatile design allows you to use it in a variety of ways.

4. Tough Headwear: Balaclava for cold weather


Maximum comfort, your fabric elastic and breathable protects your face while absorbing and removing moisture. The fleece lining retains heat, has mesh panels for increased breathing and increased air flow.

You can use it as a mask full face, half ski mask, open balaclava or collar. With this mask you can perform any outdoor or sports activity.

5. Self Pro: Mask Multifunction


The best cold protection, wind, dust and UV rays of the sun. It is a combination of versatile and unisex hat. Made with premium high-tech polyester fibers, it is lightweight and keeps you warm and dry.

You can use it alone or under any helmet or hat, it allows you to use it different ways as a mask, hat, open balaclava, neck pant or hoodie.