When you start a diet plan combined with exercises To achieve that figure you want so much, it is always good to have some help on hand to fulfill your goals more effectively. Each goal takes time, and many are often stressed and disappointed by not seeing the results right away. To help you advance the mission of shaping your body, we recommend these 5 types of thermal vests that you can take with you to the exercise sessions.

1. Neoprene vest with sauna effect


This vest has been designed as a waist shaper with the latest in thermal technology which concentrates heat around the body. Its design is a corset style with zipper and sleeveless for greater comfort. It comes in shades of black and gray with green.

With this vest you can improve your physical condition, reduce excess belly and give better support to your back so that you do not suffer from muscle pain in that area. The garment is adjusts to all body types and makes you feel great to use it.

2. Garment with materials ultra soft

It is a neoprene vest that helps regulate the body temperature. A breathable garment that is soft to the skin, highly elastic, light and comfortable. It has a zipper in the center that makes it much easier to remove and put on.

With this vest you can achieve your goals of reducing calories faster by burning fats that are not good for your body. It also molds the waist and the entire silhouette leaving you a beautiful figure with a flatter belly and more pronounced hips.

3. Thermal system To train

A training vest made of neoprene and polyester. It has a highly breathable system that regulates body temperature so that you stay in tune during strong exercise sessions. Reduces measurements in difficult areas such as abdomen, the waist and the belly.

The results when using this vest are highly visible with frequent use. You can see how softens even the appearance of your back leaving it more streamlined, so you will have a slimmer appearance.

4. Double layer design for training

It is a comfortable vest with style of girdle-corset that will help you achieve the desired results in the waist area. It has a double layer, an exterior that is held from the shoulders and an internal Both connect through hooks located in the center for a better fit.

This vest will give you the necessary compression to make you sweat and lose all those extra calories. Its patented design allows this girdle to help you improve your posture of your back.

5. Training belt that improves circulation

This vest has been made with high quality neoprene material that stimulates good circulation. As it is a vest with a sauna effect, it has been equipped with a central zipper and excellent seams so it doesn’t tear.

With its frequent use in your sports activities, you can enjoy results such as waist reduction, toxin elimination, burn fat unhealthy, flatten the tummy, improve the posture of the back and support the spine.