Today, the girdles They have achieved enormous popularity among women of all ages, as they increasingly come with more specific functions that adapt to each of the problems of our body. In this case, we will show you 5 options girdles specialized in thigh area, and that will give you a slender figure and some dream legs:

1. Arabella: girdle with abdomen and thigh control

Arabella has a skin colored sash made of 75% Nylon and 25% Spandex. It can be machine washed and is also available in black.

The girdle smooth your curves while offering you compression support. The design is mid-waist and its material is soft and breathable.

2. Maidenform: seamless thigh girdle

This girdle is made of a mixture of nylon and elastane that gives you a comfortable and cool fit in the buttocks and thighs area. It has no seams and can be hand washed.

It feels like one second skin and its seamless design allows you to wear it daily and under any type of clothing without being noticed.

3. Jockey: Elastic and breathable girdle

Made with a mix of spandex, nylon and cotton, this girdle is made of soft and breathable material that will allow you to use it throughout the day without discomfort.

It has reinforcement bands on the waist and on the legs so that it does not roll up or move from its place. Thus you guarantee a proper fit on your thighs to style without bothering you.

4. Maidenform: Girdle with adjustment in the abdomen

This imported girdle is made of 100% nylon and has a reinforcement band on the abdomen to give you a flat stomach while styling your thighs.

You can wear it under any type of clothing without showing that you are wearing it. In addition it also has a short design that allows you to wear it with dresses or shorts and show off your legs without fear.

5. Arabella: High cut girdle

With a combination of nylon and lycra, this girdle offers you full adjustment and control in the abdomen, buttocks and thighs. It is available in black and beige so you can hide it under your clothes without problems.

Its material is breathable and resistant, and its reinforcement band at the top prevents it from rolling up or moving from its position.