Traveling to Europe can be very expensive regardless of the country you want to visit. However, there are some “tricks” that you should consider if you want to enjoy your journey without strings attached and without wasting all your money.

1. Plan your trip in advance

In order to find the cheapest offers you must start your search about 5 months in advance. In this way, you can compare the prices of plane or train tickets and choose the most suitable for you.

Similarly, you must purchase admission tickets to museums, parks and attractions in advance. Since if you expect to buy them the same day that you want to visit them, you will have to queue up to buy your ticket and you will lose a lot of time. For example, tourist attractions like the Luvre museum in France, allow you to buy tickets in advance through their Web page.

Also, you can search and buy vacation packages on websites like Kayak or Travelocity. If you plan your trip in advance, you can find good offers and discounts on these pages. For example in Kayak you can find several vacation packages for two people that include plane ticket and lodging.

2. Look for cheap lodgings and outside the tourist area

Avoid staying in hotels that are close to attractions or tourist areas, as these are very expensive. If you really want to save money you should look for inns, hostels or hotels that are outside the tourist area.

Hostels are usually much cheaper than hotels in Europe, since the vast majority of guests have to share a bathroom or room with other people. If you don’t want to share the bathroom or room with other guests, you can look for a private room in a hostel or inn.

Similarly, another way to save money and enjoy the trip like a local is to rent an apartment or room in Airbnb. On this platform you can find countless very comfortable apartments at $ 54 a night.

3. Bring euros

To save money, you must carry euros as the exchange rates in Europe are quite high. Many ATMs offer you to withdraw money from your credit or debit card in euros, however you must be very careful since the fees for changing currency can be very high. Similarly, you should consider carrying cash, as many bars and restaurants only accept cash.

If you don’t want to carry as much cash, you can use a travel credit card. These cards generally offer rewards, discounts, points, travel insurance, etc.

For example, credit card Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card offers 2 miles for every dollar you spend or every purchase you make. The miles you earn when shopping can be exchanged or used to buy hotel rooms, cruises, flights, rent a car, etc. In addition, by obtaining the credit card you can receive up to $ 100 in credit, which you can use at the security points of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) at airports. Card interest can range from 17.99% to 25.24% APR.

4. Use public transportation

Public transportation in Europe is very efficient and economical, due to this you must use it from the first day. For example, if you decide to visit several countries in Europe you can use the train instead of a plane. Even if you buy the train tickets in advance you can save more money on the fares.

5. Visit museums and attractions free of cost

To enjoy in Europe it is not necessary to spend so much money on museums and excursions, since there are many tourist attractions free of cost or at an economic price. For example, the official website of the Tourism and Congress Office Paris offers a list of free attractions and days when you can visit popular museums for free.