The non-profit organization HITN-Learning launched the national initiative “Raising bilingual children in a multicultural world” through which it promotes bilingual education.

In providing information to parents, HITN Learning is collaborating with bilingual education expert and TEDx speaker Dr. Mariana Díaz-Wionczek, who is an expert in offering valuable advice on raising bilingual children, and is an analyst on the positive impact this can have on children’s lives. A teacher and expert in the field of multicultural education, Mariana has served as producer and head of education, cultural content, and research for various Nick Jr. productions, including Dora the Explorer, Dora & Friends, and Go, Diego, Go! as well as Santiago of the Seas, currently under development.

If you are a father or mother who is going through this experience of bilingual child rearingThese tips below by Dr. Diaz can help you:

1. Bilingualism begins at home !:

Talk to your children in Spanish. Ask them how their day went and how they feel. It is important that they tell stories and talk about their affections and feelings in Spanish.

2. Language is the greatest tool for socialization:

In addition to speaking Spanish at home, look for opportunities to expose your children to Spanish with friends and extended family, either in your neighborhood or through virtual means such as phone calls or Skype with the family in your country.

3. If your children are older and don’t want to speak it:

Choose only two or three areas that will be spoken in Spanish. For example, when they talk about food, weekend plans, or school.

4. To motivate them:

Tell your children to always ask you in Spanish for the things they want or need. For example, that you buy them a sweet or when they ask you for permission to go out to a party or to the park.

5. Choose a television program or series in Spanish and watch it with your children:

Talk about what is happening and ask them many questions about the story and the characters.

To promote bilingual education in your children, a fun way you can use them is to incorporate educational games.

The game Cleo & Cuquin It was created with the objective of being a learning tool for Hispanic children. Cleo & Cuquin educational kits are ideal to keep children entertained while learning.

The educational experiences of Cleo & Cuquín Family Fun! they are based on:

  • Printed and digital bilingual activities for English language learners
  • Problem solving strategies to discover mathematics
  • Fun physical activities and games
  • Activities that involve families in the learning process