So that this Christmas season your nails always look neat, we invite you to know the following tools and products that will help you to do your manicure at home

Show off striking nails with these manicure tools
Show off striking nails with these manicure tools

When it comes to looking pretty and groomed at every holiday celebration, We should not forget about our nails, as they are important to make a good impression.. However, we know that there are several obstacles that prevent us from making an appointment to go to the beauty salon to get a manicure. Thus, If we want to fix our nails at home we must have enamels, nail clippers, files, among other tools at hand. To help you, we have looked for what are the tools and products necessary for manicure, and then we are pleased to introduce each one of them.

one. Electric and cordless machine with nail file set:

It is a professional drill machine for manicure and pedicure that is characterized by being completely wireless. It is equipped with 5 speed options adjustable and 2 different rotations. Includes 5 nail files with different textures designed to grind, polish and trim nails and remove roughness from the skin.

Thanks to this machine you can provide proper care to your nails. In addition, you can help strengthen them and remove the dead skin that accumulates in the cuticle so that it has a clean and shiny appearance.

2. Nail care kit with stainless steel tools:

The following is a nail care kit that includes nail clippers, tweezers, glass and sapphire files, and nail and cuticle scissors. Each of the tools have been made of long-lasting stainless steel. Comes a protective case that facilitates its transport.

Thanks to this kit you can keep your nails healthy. Each tool will help you reduce chipping and jagged edges of your nails to improve their appearance. Additionally, glass files seal in the keratin layer on the nail plate to leave a smoother, shinier finish.

3. Kit long-lasting gel polishes:

A gel polish kit made with a formula that does not contain aggressive ingredients that can cause damage to the structure of the nails. It can be dried in 90-120 seconds under an LED light. Adheres well to prolong its life.

Champagne, gold, white, red and gray tones are the perfect color combination for Christmas celebrations. You can make your own manicure at home creating your nail design where you express all your creativity to have a unique and elegant style.

Four. UV light lamp with 3 timers and smart sensor:

An ultraviolet lamp with a white light source to prevent eye damage. This designed to dry quickly nail polishes, bases, top coatings and gels. It has 3 timer settings (5, 30 and 60 seconds) and a smart sensor that is activated by detecting hand movement.

A perfect lamp to get a manicure or pedicure without having to visit the beauty salon. Thanks to its programmed functions they will allow you to achieve a fast and precise drying of your favorite enamels. It is very easy to use, you just have to adjust the time in its control panel.

5. Sets of 6 gel polishes with glossy finishes:

A gel polish set that comes in six unique nudes and sparkles. They are made with safe components for the cuticle, skin and nails. May last up to 21 days.

The colors of these enamels are in trend and are one of the most popular this Christmas season. They are indicated for women of all ages, especially those who love to look feminine and chic. Its application is easy and adheres to the nail leaving a uniform finish.

If you want to continue knowing more tools and products that you must have to do your manicure at home, we invite you to just click here.

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