Save time and money in the workshop and maintain your car at home.

Keep your car in good condition is not an easy task, especially if you are a few years old. And among the infinity of things you must do to lengthen its life time, is the oil change which allows the motor to run smoothly thus improving its performance. If you want to save time and money in the workshop and do the oil change for your car on your own, take a look at these products that will help you do your homework easier.

1. EWK: two-way oil extractor pump

The oil extractor pump has a fast extraction speed 1.6L / min, tubes with different diameters that go to the bottom of the oil pan, and a fluid evacuator that comes with 2 extension hoses to reach the bottom of the tank and suck up every drop of oil.

It allows you to use two ways: pneumatic and manual mode to adapt to any condition. The first provides you with greater speed, while the second does not require any other equipment to work. With this pump, you no longer have to lift or crawl under your car to change the oil.

2. Drymate: reusable absorbent mat

This reusable absorbent mat made of polyester fiber, It has been designed to protect the surface of your garage floor from costly stains. To clean it, just rub it with soap and dry it.

Gives you Long duration, reuse and waterproof non-slip backing, which prevents engine oil, brake fluid, gasoline, coolant and transmission fluid from penetrating.

3. Lumax: oil drainer with direct drain

This oil storage has a extra strong construction and an easy to handle design thanks to its wheels.

With this oil storage, drains directly without pipes or greasy funnels, thus avoiding spills. In addition, you will have a large drain opening, airtight seal and basket that captures everything.

4. TEKTON: oil filter pliers with anti-slip control

At 12 inches in size, this plier features right angle teeth that grip while turning in any direction, long handles that reach tight spaces, and soft, comfortable grips that offer non-slip control.

Its sliding joint design three positions Quickly and easily adjusts to size as it fits oil filters up to 4 inches in diameter.

5. Majic: multipurpose long neck funnel

This long neck funnel made of plastic Can be used for automotive oil, gas additives, lubricants, and fluids.

It is durableEasy to clean, you can use it at home for a variety of tasks like transmission fluids, power steering, and more.