An essential part for decorating your bathroom.

Showers are an important part of any bathThese can be found of all types, shapes and quality. An essential element of the shower is the curtain, which is more than a complement to the decoration, it is also a protective shield that prevents the proliferation of bacteria and makes the room a safer space. Here are five designs of shower curtains that you will want to have in your bathroom to give it a modern and striking touch.

1. Shower curtain made with vinyl

It is a vinyl shower liner that features a membrane antibacterial completely resistant to mold. It has magnets on the bottom to prevent water from spilling.

This bathroom accessory is made of a non-toxic material formed by high-resistance layers that dissipate the presence of bacteria, while remaining firm and straight thanks to the magnets on the bottom.

2. Design raincoat with rubber lining

It is a waterproof shower curtain with a strong, strong and thick rubber layer. Its design includes three magnets at the bottom that provide better resistance and support. It also has reinforced metal eyelets and a modern three-dimensional design.

This thick shower curtain is hold firm due to its magnets, which prevent the air flow from moving it and prevent splashes. This curtain is odorless and chlorine free so it can fit any d├ęcor very well.

3. Shower protector in silver color with leaves

It is a silver colored shower curtain made of 100% PEVA that adapts to any decor. It is a high quality piece, capable of containing water droplets and preventing the proliferation of germs.

This curtain is very beautiful and easy to place, in addition to its high resistance makes it a perfect piece for any type of bathroom. The modern design will also perfectly accompany the rest of the bathroom decoration.

4. Pack of 3 curtains transparent for showers

It is a set of high resistance curtains made of polyester that have a transparent design. Their resistant materials make them capable of dissipating batteries and germs. They are equipped with 12 washers and coated magnets that hold the shade in place.

A series of accessories adaptable and modern They combine perfectly with any type of decoration and color range of the bathroom. They are shower curtains that are environmentally friendly and free of materials harmful to health.

5. Curtain with pockets

It is a polyester curtain with nine pockets in which you can place and store products such as brushes, soaps and other accessories. It has a modern design that allows you organize in an easy, practical and safe way all the items you need to shower.

It is one of the best shower liners as it provides a very practical option of storage due to its large pockets where you can put toys, razors, shampoo and other items.