A tool to stay active even in the golden years.

The running machines They are very practical gadgets that allow you to bring the whole experience of a gym to your home. These tools are characterized by being compact, portable and very easy to move. Exercise is a fundamental part of a healthy life, especially for older adults those who tend to suffer joint problems as a consequence of a sedentary lifestyle. With this in mind, we present five safe treadmills for the elderly.

1. treadmill folding

It is a foldable treadmill with resistant mesh and a very stable non-slip tape. It has a very quiet high-power motor, a multifunctional LCD screen and different pre-programmed training modes.

It will be a great advantage for you to have this machine that does not require a lot of space. A device folding that you can store in any room regardless of its dimensions.

2. Training center with structure steel

It is an advanced treadmill made with a strong steel body that also has a multifunctional screen and folding design with ergonomic handles. It has a running belt made of PVC and its design allows it to support up to 220 pounds of weight.

The design of this machine greatly facilitates a continuous routine, intense and adapted to the needs of its user. Create a routine exercises complete from the comfort of home.

3. Exercise machine with home design

It is a design exercise machine compact and foldable It is perfect for walking and running without leaving the comfort of your home. It has a non-slip rubber belt and an LCD screen that is equipped with 12 modalities to exercise.

It is an exercise tool that has a robust system and design that will provide greater security and stability while you exercise and take your first steps towards a much healthier life.

4. Treadmill five speed

It’s a walking and running treadmill with a sturdy steel frame and 12 workout modes that you can comfortably program from your LCD screen. It is equipped with five speeds, an emergency alarm and beverage holders on the sides.

With this device you can keep a training varied and organized within your home, work or other place where you want to train. Its resistant and light design at the same time allows you to move and fold it very easily.

5. Tape with key security

It is a treadmill with a sturdy steel frame that is equipped with a magnetic security key. It has a folding frame It provides a solid and strong structure, plus a large LCD screen and wheels for easy portability.

With this machine you can keep yourself and your whole family in shape, since it is a high quality equipment and durability that adapts to the needs of each member. Its screen constantly informs you of important data such as heart rate and progress during the routine.