The hair it is undoubtedly an element that highlights our style and femininity; so keeping it healthy and shiny is the most important thing to keep it looking beautiful. If you want to have hydrated, shiny and above all wave-free hair, you cannot miss these fabulous hair treatments with brazilian keratin that leave your hair with beauty salon results.

1. Set of Calily Life Treatment


It is a three-step system of professional grade which includes step 1: shampoo to remove any residue; step 2: golden smoothing serum, and step 3: silk finishing conditioner.

The treatment fast and simple Keratin straightens, repairs, conditions and strengthens your hair using an intense conditioning remedy that restores hair’s vitality from the inside.

2. Treatment Professional Keratin Research


Advanced, fast and easy to use; Instantly straightens, repairs, conditions and strengthens hair using an intense conditioner that restores your hair and strengthens it from the inside.

Smooths the strand of your hair while deeply nourishing it, making it lose waves and stay smoothed for weeks.

3. Cocochoco: Keratin Original


Straightens hair without changing its texture. This treatment can be applied on all hair types, natural or chemically treated. The application process lasts approximately 1 to 3 hours, according to the length and volume of your hair.

Hydrates your hair and creates a glossy finish. The results are immediately visible after you finish the treatment. Your hair will look healthy and young.

4. Kera Fruit: Brazilian treatment

To apply this treatment, you must first wash your hair very well to remove any residue or dirt. After washing it, you apply the product with almost dry hair.

The main benefit is recover your hair damaged, so that you will get a natural shine to your hair. It helps you reduce frizz and give essential health to all your hair.

5. Treatment of Keratin ChocoMax

It is a softening keratin treatment. It is ideal for your hair because it incorporates argan oil in its formula. It is special to nourish and restore even the most damaged hair.

Its action is much more fast and long compared to other similar treatments. During the duration of the treatment on your hair you will not have to use irons or a dryer, as it will always be straight.