Disconnect for a few minutes and enjoy a comfortable and refreshing bathtub.

After a busy day at work and excruciating traffic, there’s nothing like getting home, taking off your clothes and problems, and plunging into a tub with warm water flavored with your favorite soaps. Listen to some music, close your eyes and relax for a few minutes with the comfort of these tub pillows. The only difficult thing will be not falling asleep.

Epic: pillow with suction cups

Epica has a pillow whose two panel design Folds around the edge of the tub, cradling the head, neck, and shoulders. The flexible hinge is adaptable to any shape of bathtub, including Roman bathtubs, air jet bathtubs and Jacuzzis.

He offers you larger grippersthicker and more powerful. Relax in unrivaled luxury with the thick double foam of the pillow, while listening to relaxing music and let yourself be caught by the delicious aroma of the scents of a restorative bath.

Living: antibacterial pillow

The Viventive pillow has a deep internal padding 4 ″ thick that supports the head and neck, and 2 ″ thick that support the shoulders and back; It also offers a two panel orthopedic design. It measures 14 x 13 inches.

It is non-slip, extra thick, soft and large. It adapts to any bathtub due to its flexible hinge, and it is also antibacterial, so you will not have to worry about germs or bacteria that could be generated due to humidity, since water and air flow quickly allowing it to dry quickly.

3. Bath Haven: full body pillow

Bath Haven has a pillow with a technology of soft and silky layers padded with vertical fibers. Includes easy-to-clean mesh wash bag.

Pillow it’s extra long, so it will give you support to the whole body, it is also water permeable with tremendous breathability. You will enjoy bathing in the tub even more because you can say goodbye to the pressure that may be generated in your coccyx.

Gorilla Grip: pillow with grip technology

Gorilla Grip pillow is ultra soft to the touch and features over 2 ″ of luxurious padded foam. It measures 19.5 ″ x 15 ″ and includes a three panel orthopedic design. In addition, it adapts to any size of bathtub, spa or jacuzzi. It is easy to clean and keep clean due to its non-porous and waterproof surface.

He offers you 7 suction cups that help you eliminate the slippage of common and irritating pillows to create the most relaxing bathing experience. It will help provide support for your head, shoulders, neck, and back as you recline in the tub.

5. Gorilla Grip: bath sponge pillow

This Gorilla Grip pillow is built with woven mesh Open that helps stimulate active airflow and quick dry capabilities. This helps prevent moisture and mold from forming on the pillow. Washing can be done by machine.

Gives you 6 suction cupsBecause its 2 additional suction cups help keep your pillow in place on the softest surface of the bath. Plus, its thick 2-panel design helps ease neck and shoulder pain while you recline in your bathtub.