The Turkish eye It is an amulet that has been created with the intention of warding off the bad energies that surround us and protecting people from envy. The real name of this amulet is “Nazar”, which is originally from Arabic and means security and care for whoever wears it. That is why this time we show you the best accessories and charms of the Turkish eye for a little extra luck at all times.

1. Leather bracelet with I said with diamonds

This bracelet is made with genuine leather braided and includes a charm with diamonds and the image of the Turkish Eye. It is available in a wide range of colors and has a length of 7.5 inches.

Ideal to use it as a casual accessory, you can have a powerful amulet always with you. It is a strong and durable product.

2. 925 silver necklace with Turkish Eye charm

This beautiful chain with silver links 19-inch 925 sterling silver has a Turkish Eye charm and has a snap ring clasp for easy closing.

The beautiful unisex jewel you can take with you wherever you want or you can give it as a gift to a special being for you, giving it protection and good vibes.

3. Red string bracelet with Turkish Eye

The handmade design is an elegant bracelet red cotton thread Waterproof, with an adjustable glass Turkish Eye.

The elegant bracelet can be carried by men and women, sure that they will bring good luck, fortune and protection to your life.

4. Gold plated ring 18K

The 18k gold plated ring is adjustable in size, designed with shiny gemstone and in the middle has the Turkish Eye inserted, to attract blessing and good fortune.

You can use it on special occasions where you want to shine, giving a touch of elegance to your look with this jewel, surrounding you with a good vibe.

5. Protection Keychain with Owl and Turkish Eye

This keychain has a sophisticated design Modern with details that make it very striking in silver and the deep blue of the Turkish eye on the belly and symbolic owl eyes.

They can be carried by men and women, hanging from the handbag or even have it at home to hang on the wall and ward off any bad vibes that can be presented at home.

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