Customize your cake simply and inexpensively

A wedding involved a series of details that you must take into account for the ceremony to be carried out in a satisfactory and perfect way. In this case, the wedding cake It is one of the main protagonists of the reception and the highlight for the decoration of the event. It doesn’t matter if you prefer simple, multi-story cakes with floral details or minimalist trends, here are five decorative pieces They are inspirational reasons to leave a lasting memory for all your guests.

1. Cake decorators custom

They are personalized decoration letters for wedding cakes. Each one is laser cut and made with acrylic material approximately 2 inches thick by 6 inches high.

It also has two fixed legs on the bottom that allow you to fit it to the cake safely. In this way, you will achieve a touch of originality so that you leave all your guests breathless.

2. Decorator with wedding rings

Decorator made of acrylic material Food grade that is designed in the form of wedding rings decorated with the words Mr & Mrs. Fits cakes from 6 to 10 inches approximately.

This piece gives you a touch of glitter to cake decoration regardless of the theme you choose for the ceremony. Likewise, the elegance it transmits allows you to keep it as a souvenir of a special day.

3. Hearts intertwined

It is a metal ornament with two intertwined hearts that are decorated with details of rhinestones. It has a base 4 inches in diameter and weighs approximately 10 ounces.

This decor item is inspired by romance, so it works for an engagement party, anniversary, or bridal shower. It is also reusable part which can be displayed as a wedding keepsake.

4. Figures of porcelain

It is a figure to decorate that is made with porcelain, safe material, washable and reusable. Its design is based on traditional dancing couples with dimensions approximately 8 inches tall.

It is an ornament to place on the top floor of the cake that adapts without problem to a themed, classic or modern wedding. Furthermore, this piece can be viewed from any angle.

5. Decorator with golden letters

It is a cake decorator made with wire letters that form the word “Love” in a golden hue. Has a 3 inch leg that can be inserted into the cake to keep it in place.

This ornament is a good idea to complete the design and decoration of classic or minimalist cakes, since offers a stylish look which is suitable for any theme in the wedding ceremony.