The latest from the American designer at incredible prices.

Making a good impression is always important, regardless of whether we are talking about the social or work environment. Have a pleasant scent on our skin helps us steal attention anywhere. And when it comes to high quality perfume, it is impossible not to mention the fragrances of Vera Wang They are recognized for their long duration and for projecting an air of glamor and security.

Embrace Eau De Toilette with flowers and green tea

It is a very attractive fragrance that is mainly made up of notes of pear flowers and green tea. Its aroma is fresh and inspires confidenceIt is also available in a comfortable 30 milliliter presentation.

You can spray it all over your skin after you get out of the shower. Its soft aroma is impregnated throughout the day making it perfect to leave a great impression on an appointment.

2. Vera Wang perfume for men and women

It is a fragrance released in the year 2002 It contains a mixture of floral aromas extracted from the iris, sandalwood, lily, gardenia, tangerine, jasmine, lily of the valley, bergamot, lotus flower and roses.

Ideal for use on special occasions, no matter what season of the year you are in. By applying it daily after the shower you will feel fresh and full of life.

3. Princess of hearts with flower essences

It is a fragrance that belongs to the olfactory family of flower essences. Ideal to use it during the summer since its formula is absorbs quickly on the skin and does not leave a greasy feeling.

It is a perfume with a very touch feminine and youthful which makes it ideal to apply it before leaving your home to go to study or work. An intense fragrance that immediately captivates those who are close to you.

4. Youth aroma Princess by Vera Wang

In a delicate perfume of 3.4 ounces It is created with a mixture of sweet aromas that will conquer your nose in moments. The bottle has an amazing and innovative heart-shaped design and a crown as a mouthpiece.

This scent is made thinking of those women who like to transmit a vibe youthful and modern. The combination of its exclusive ingredients guarantee an intense, daring and long-lasting perfume.

5. Perfume of anniversary edition by Vera Wang

Aniversary is a floral family fragrance that was launched in 2010. The perfume contains a blend of exquisite scents. citrus and sweet where the mandarin, leaves of the apple tree, bergamot and amber stand out.

As its name implies, it is an ideal perfume to use on special occasions such as parties, weddings and anniversaries. You will leave one indelible footprint in people and you will steal all the eyes of those around you.