The Sunglasses They are a necessary accessory to protect the eyes from the intensity of the light, but they are also an essential complement to complement our outfit. And if you are one of those who seeks to convey a retro air and with a lot of personality, we recommend the models vintage They have unique designs, of different materials, shapes and full of color that you can turn to to enhance your look and emphasize your style.

1. Sungait: Round glass glasses

These glasses are made with a plastic frame that combines with 54-millimeter lenses that have protection against harmful UVB and UVA rays. Its design has the bridge of the nose in the form of a padlock so that they fit comfortably.

It is a model that is polarized to prevent glare from light, improving vision perception. Likewise, add a retro style that provides elegance for you to use with your favorite looks.

2. Yoshya: Red Cat Eye glasses

They are glasses that are made with a frame made of PC material and come with non-polarized lenses of 58 by 50 millimeters. Includes nose pads and metal hinges, details that provide optimal and comfortable performance.

It also provides UV400 protection that filters and manages to block the lightThis makes it a perfect piece for you to use while driving or doing outdoor activities safely.

3. LKEYE: Mirrored glasses

These classic polarized glasses come with a strong and durable metal frame. They have 48-millimeter mirrored lenses that block reflected light and offer UV protection to protect your eyes.

It is an accessory that adjusts to any type of weather while driving or staying outdoors. And you can choose it in one varied range of colors for you to combine with your look.

4. Joopin: Metal frame glasses

They are glasses made with a metal frame, with lenses unpolarized They are 2.4 by 5 inches in diameter, which help block 100% of harmful UVA, UVB and UVC rays.

This model has a retro cat’s eye design from the 90’s era that improves the contour of your face. Similarly, it provides a innovative and delicate concept, which is an ideal complement for you to accentuate your style significantly.

5. Feisedy: Round cat eye glasses

The accessory that can never be missing.


These modern glasses feature polarized lenses 58 by 54 millimeters to safely cover the entire eye area. They come with a PC material frame with star accents, nose pads, and metal hinges.

They have a vintage design that give you a touch of glamor regardless of your style. In addition to its aesthetic design, it is scratch resistant and offers glare reduction in snow, road and water.