Do you want to renew the decor from your living room? Often a few small details make a big difference to improve the appearance and harmonize the environment. An excellent option when decorating are Wall clocksThat is why below we present you some fabulous options with vintage style to make your living room look spectacular.

1. Aero Caracol: Pendulum Pendant Clock


It is a wall clock with a aged look, which combines perfectly with mahogany furniture. Its pendulum is a unique and striking feature, and it is very quiet.

Within its design it has two batteries, one for the central clock and one for the pendulum. In this way both have a independent operation for a longer service life.

2. Homello: Train station clock


Made with wrought ironClassic style with antique double-sided rotary finish. The wall clock has the design of train station clocks, its material is resistant to dust and moisture.

By hanging it on any wall in your living room, you are giving your space a touch artistic and original in decoration. The watch’s rotating system allows you to rotate and adjust it conveniently.

3. Stonebriar: Vintage tray clock

Add a touch of vintage style to your living room decor with this oval wall clock. Features a kitchen tray inspired frame with a worn metal and rust details.

The face of this watch features a ancient inspiration It has been lightly worn with Roman numerals. Includes a sawtooth hook for easy installation.

4. Clock Lemonade Bottle


This round wall clock is very decorative and with a striking aged look. Its original design makes the space where you place it a special place. It is made of metal.

It is inspired by the cover of a old lemon drink, which makes it a perfect decorative accessory for collectors.

5. Le’raz: Clock wooden with Pendulum

Made of wood with an elegant and classic design, it is eye-catching and durable. The movement of the watch is powered by a precise mechanism and best of all, very quiet.

It is certainly a antique clock that will give a vintage and fabulous touch to your living room. More than to see the time, it is a decorative accessory.