Are you looking for a gift for a person who has a great appreciation for aesthetics vintage Or do you want to have a collectible inspired by a simpler time? Here is a good idea. For the music lovers who also like the retro style; exist vinyl record player Equipped with the latest technology, these allow you to enjoy an experience that combines the best of the present and the past.

1. Feir: Stereo turntable


It comes with 3 speeds, it has a system that allows it to work from 33 to 78 RPM and it also has a 45 RPM adapter included. his beautiful design vintage with handle, makes it very easy to carry and transport.

It is easy to move and carry from one room to another, thanks to its small suitcase design with a handle. This turntable is a great choice for heavy music lovers.

2. Victrola Vintage 3-speed


A portable turntable in a suitcase design with a handle. A absolute classic packed with many high-tech features. Includes built-in Bluetooth technology, to stream music wirelessly from any device.

The portable design With a handle and its built-in stereo speakers, you can take your favorite music wherever you go. It has an auxiliary RCA input, so you can add your own speakers.

3. Disc player Vinyl


Modern design and quality sound speakers are integrated to provide a purer listening experience that every listener will appreciate. It is made by sound professionals with the highest quality materials.

This portable turntable is the best gift for anyone who enjoys retro aesthetics. Remember that music makes you feel better, helps lower blood pressure, reduces stress levels and even increases learning.

4. Vinyl Record Player with wooden body


The turntable has a rechargeable battery that allows you to enjoy your favorite music for hours. It is a lightweight device, which you can take to any room without having to carry cables. Its compact size allows you to store it on any shelf.

Its sleek wooden suitcase design looks exquisite in any living room. The briefcase design makes it easy to move, it also has software that allows you to record any vinyl record, in MP3 format.

5. 1byone: Vinyl record player


Excellent style of old look. This model has a cover that protects it from dust and a front panel where the playback controls are located. It is equipped with Bluetooth, this allows you to play music without a wired connection.

His sound of high quality, allows you to live a completely clear and natural vinyl audio experience; all thanks to its high-performance speakers. The device includes a full range of ports and I was able to tune in to AM / FM radio.