Have a home well decorated and adapted to our tastes it is very chic and also pleasant, because this is the great space where we spend our lives next to those we love the most. However, achieving balance in the decoration of each room is sometimes overwhelming, especially when we have different styles at home and we want to please them all. Style objects vintage combine with almost any trend and give it a touch striking and original to any space. That is why this time we show you the best options for vintage wall lamps to give that special look to your home that you want so much.

1. Lamp with drop shaped light bulb

This antique style wall lamp comes with 4-inch base tall and extending up to 8.25 inches from the wall, the backplate is 4.75 inches in diameter and is retro-style metal. Works well with any incandescent base bulb.

This beautiful lamp will give light to your spaces and will serve as a nice decoration for the room in which you place it, being the ideal option for a modern residence that loves vintage.

2. Wall lamp in gold tone

This lamp comes with a decoration of Clear glass that reveals the bulb and maximizes light. Its installation is quick and easy and requires wiring.

This applicator is perfect for spaces like the kitchen, the bedroom, the cafeteria or any other place where you can highlight and combine with the decoration.

3. Wall lamp with metal grating

This lamp with metal frame It has a black coating that provides a subtle touch of vintage style for your interior decoration. The socket has a power of 110 watts.

It is easy to install on the wall and its head adjusts to 180 degrees which facilitates the change of angle and lighting. You will love it and it will make your spaces more beautiful.

4. Lamp with antique finish

This wall lamp has the edge of the head that rotate light 90 degrees, its diameter is 5.1 inches, requires the installation of wiring and has all the elements for its installation.

With a vintage style, this lamp will give your spaces a retro look and very chic, while lighting and giving a magical touch to the room where you install it.

5. Industrial wall lamp with vintage rustic style

The industrial lamp is made of high quality metal with strong cables and has a magnetic ring at the base of the lamp that can withstand high temperatures and extend the life of the lamp. It extends up to 15 inches from the wall and is easy to install.

This wall lamp with industrial design adds a touch of elegance to your spaces and provides great lighting.