During the days cold In winter, keeping our body warm and warm is essential. And it is in those moments when being at home comfortable and warm makes us feel comfortable and relaxed. Thinking about this, an excellent option to warm our feet are the quilted slippers, and then we show you some options for you.

1. Swedish style with synthetic skin


They are beautiful Swedish style slippers made with materials that make them warm and fluffy. Its sole is anti-slip and it is textured to better adhere to the ground, preventing you from slipping or slipping.

The inner part is padded and covered with a fabric of synthetic skin, which in addition to allowing your feet to feel soft and protected ensures that they are warm even on the coldest days.

Sneakers with padded interior


They feature a unique applique art design on each shoe and are made with a fleece brushed in colorful and fun prints. The sneakers are also lined with a soft fleece lining for added warmth.

In addition to being adorable, they are very soft and comfortable. Its shape allows you to keep your feet warm even on the coldest days, they are also non-slip so you can feel safe on any type of floor.

3. Ultra soft footwear memory foam


They have an ultra soft fleece lining. These sneakers are very easy to put on and thanks to the high quality plush lining, your feet They will feel much warmer and will help you stay more relaxed while you are at home.

Its rubber sole is thick and non-slip, its weight is light and it is durable. These shoes are perfect for warming up your feet and are well suited to be worn both in indoors and outdoors from your house.

4. Polar fabric with edge synthetic hair


This pair of slippers has been created with a braided knit design. They are lined with a polar fabric to add an additional layer that better conserves heat and keeps your feet protected and dry.

Its sole is built with durable and flexible rubber, they also have an extra grip and very resistant that prevents the cold from reaching your feet. You can use them indoors and also around it.

5. Slippers Microfiber


They are sneakers with the upper part made with microfiber fabric. They have a finish similar to that of a Swedish style shoe with a faux fur collar and slip resistant sole.

Its toe is round and the interior is lined with soft fabric and an insole with memory foam to give you even more comfort To walk. Its patented design keeps your feet warm and protected.