Get out of walk with your baby It is an activity that fosters parent-child bonds and also helps stimulate your senses, but there are days when the weather can get in the way of our routine walks. For those moments there are waterproof covers, which you can easily adjust to your baby’s car and keep it fully protected from rain, wind and cold. Take a look at these models and choose the one that best suits your needs:

1. Laneyli: Waterproof cover


This model of raincoat is made with non-toxic PVC-free material and protects the baby from rain, snow, strong winds and cold; also has holes for ventilation.

You can rest assured that the coverlet will keep adjusted to baby car And it can be folded and stored in small spaces.

2. Jeep: Universal size protector

This plastic cover is universal sizeCompatible with various cars and its installation is easy. It has mesh on both sides for greater ventilation and pressure closures. Its weight is 0.85 pounds.

Protect your baby from the variables of the weather and continue enjoying your walk wherever you are. This presentation offers you a storage bag.

3. Ezkindheit: Waterproof double car protector

This raincoat is ideal for double cars; its size is universal and it is adaptable to any duo model. It is made of a high-quality, non-toxic material, it has a large zippered window that allows quick opening and closing.

This cover is made to simplify your life and provide protection your babies on rainy days or temperate and cold climates.

4. Simplicity: Multifunctional raincoat

It is made for adapt to cars of different makes and models, it is transparent and has a ventilation cover and a practical bag for storage when traveling.

You will wear a blanket whose function is to provide comfort and protection from the rain and also acts as insect repellent to protect the health of your baby.

5. Bondream: Protection against rain and insects

This cover model is universal in size and is therefore compatible with all types of cars. It is resistant to tears and contains no toxic materials; it is soft and flexible with large window for ventilation.

It is ideal to protect your baby from ultraviolet rays and it will allow you an easy installation unfolding the cover by the car. This cover will protect your baby from rain and insects.