Who has not dreamed of a wedding in winter? This is one of the times of the year that will give you a stage bathed in pristine white that matches your dress and where the heat cannot ruin your hairstyle or your makeup. But in order to fully enjoy your celebration, you must have a suitable dress not only for the cold, but also adapts to your body and tastes. There are many options, from lace to capes that will make you feel the girlfriend more special, and here we bring you some of them.

1. Wedding dress with v-neck

It is a long dress made with gauze and lycra, materials that form a cut with flight that adapts to your curves and provides comfort. Its bohemian design includes a V neck and flared sleeves with floral lace.

It is suitable for weddings in autumn and winter due to its soft cloth and light that gives you warmth. It can also be used for a simple outdoor reception in the garden or in the country.

2. Lace dress with long sleeves

It is an ivory white dress with a high waist cut and a flowing skirt. The upper part is made with floral lace and long sleeves that give it a more demure and formal air.

This design is perfect for you to wear in the fall or winter during a beach or country reception. Its design offers you an outfit simple and modern that will make you feel comfortable on one of the most special days of your life.

3. Dressed in illusion neckline

This long-sleeved dress is designed with satin and lace, soft materials in contact with the skin. It has a characteristic design with transparencies and floral lace on the sleeves and neckline.

Comes with a loose drop long tulle skirt that provides elegance and glamor with a sexy touch that does not go unnoticed. In addition, its lightness and comfort makes it perfectly suited for a wedding in both summer and winter.

Cotton cape for the winter

This is a modern 2 meter long cape that is made of cotton and soft fur reinforced with specialized fabrics to isolate the cold. A piece that is worn over the dress and that you can tie with a bow on top.

If you plan to celebrate your wedding in winter, a good option is to opt for a cape that matches your dress. These are pieces not only protect you from the cold, they also guarantee a outfit more sophisticated and elegant.

5. Dress bare shoulders

It is a long skirt dress made with tulle Layered to match an off-the-shoulder neckline, long sleeves and a corset with an embroidered floral embroidered bra.

It is an option feminine for a winter wedding with a reception during the day or at night. The best way for you to wear this piece is with a collection decorated with flowers and long earrings so that you can transmit more elegance.