A garment with a sexy design that will make you an unforgettable girlfriend.

Getting married is one of the most beautiful acts in the life of a couple, because it represents a new stage of life with that special being you love. So if you are a future bride who is preparing everything to celebrate your wedding In a big way, an important part of this is choosing the dress that you will wear that day. That is why below we present five type designs Mermaid tail so you can look spectacular on your wedding day.

1. White dress with details bright

A beautiful dress made of very good quality tulle fabric that is decorated with lace, bead and sequin details that give it a special sparkle. The part of the skirt has ruffles that give it its particular mermaid style.

It is ideal for when you want to show off a beautiful silhouette before your guests with a design that highlights your curves. If you have dreamed of a dress that makes you look like a Princess, then this garment is the indicated

2. Bridal outfit with lace

This dress extra large With lace and a strapless neckline ends in an attractive mermaid tail, it is also equipped with a drawstring on the back that gives it an elegant touch. The waist has a nice silver strap that helps enhance your silhouette.

Fulfill your dream of wearing a unique dress that will give you that silhouette of defined curves that is so attractive to the eye.

3. Classic design with wide mermaid tail

This beautiful dress has been made with appliques and details with rhinestones on an intense white color that gives it a classic style. Its design is free shoulders to give it a sexy and flirty touch.

Feel like everything one princess during the most special day of your life with this beautiful mermaid skirt dress. The abundant skirt of many flights will make the walk to the altar an unforgettable moment.

4. Exclusive piece with sweetheart neckline

A beautiful dress that is very appropriate to wear a conservative and very feminine style at the same time. It is made of polyester and is colored ivory white Featuring a voluminous lace mermaid-style skirt and a striking sweetheart neckline.

This exclusive dress with a classic look will help you show off an enviable figure thanks to its beautiful skirt mermaid type that will leave your fiance delighted. It has special details that go on the arms to give it a super chic look.

5. Wedding dress with sequins

If you want to look beautiful, spectacular and unique on your wedding day, this dress is the garment that will completely meet all your expectations. A good quality piece that is decorated with rhinestones and sequins. It also has feather applications that add a lot mobility and life to your walk.

Available in color white or ivory, so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs. Its design contemplates a nice shape that covers the neck with an adjustment to the waist that gives you an attractive mermaid-like silhouette.