A garment that gives you comfort and discretion at all times.

The brassiere it is a fundamental garment for any woman; especially those that have a lot of bust. Use a design that does not fit you well size or style It can ruin the appearance of your clothes or even cause severe back injuries. So the important thing is that you look for a design versatile and comfortable that you can wear throughout the day, that fits your cleavage and that makes you look sexy. Take a look at these options with designs specially thought to give you the best support in any situation.

1. Wide bra with ring support

This reducing bra is constructed with a padded underwire support to minimize the contour of your bust up to 1.5 inches, and with adjustable flat straps at the back. Also, it is made with nylon and lycra materials that soften and define the sides.

This model is ideal if you usually have an exhausting daily routine, since in this case avoid have the seams marked under any of your outfits and gives you a flattering look.

2. Lifting bra with coated bands

It is a lifting bra that is made with the foam padded headband that goes under and over the bust to give it more support. Similarly, it has two sections decorated with lace to define your curves and give it a natural look.

It is a very popular garment because it has a design that achieves a lift with firmness, definition and support. Likewise, it has wide padded straps for greater comfort in the shoulder and back area.

3. Support bra Withouth stitches

Made of synthetic material with contoured and seamless foam cups, giving your curves a smooth look. Without forgetting their padded and adjustable cotton straps that will keep you comfortable throughout the day.

It gives you a full coverage with increased stability to prevent slipping, which is ideal if you’re looking for support but don’t want to have to deal with rod discomfort.

4. Brassier with lace and lifting panels

Brassier with lifting panels built with microfiber cups that offer a natural look. Likewise, it comes with cotton straps and closure at the back, allowing you to adjust it comfortably according to your size.

It is a design of full cup seamless It will help you keep everything in place and without discomfort at any time of the day, while preventing it from marking under your clothes.

5. Extra support bra under the arms

This is an contour garment and extra support that provides complete and improved coverage on the sides. Also has adjustable front straps and an elastic-free back for a streamlined look.

If you have a large bust, clothing may not fit your body perfectly. In this case the bra takes care of slightly concealing your curves but with a comfortable fit with your skin.